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Tyson Summer Community Internship

This past summer Siouxland Mental Health received the 2022 Tyson Summer Community Internship Grant through Iowa Campus Compact again. This summer, our intern helped us with various things, but the main focus was to help expand our outreach to our LGBTQ community.

Jack, our summer intern, helped to celebrate Pride Month by posting on our social media pages. Other projects that Jack worked on were creating a space on our website for teens to get information about Mental Health, LGBTQ, and online safety and worked on interpreting our analytics on our website traffic. If you have visited any of our locations this past summer, you may have seen QR codes; this was another project Jack did this summer. Jack created a survey for our clients to take to see where they see our advertisements. This survey is helping to see where we can concentrate more of our advertising efforts.

Receiving this grant another year has helped us continue breaking down mental health barriers. This grant allows us to bring in a student who will help us with new ideas and implement some of the ideas we have not had a chance to.

Thank you, Tyson and Campus Compact, for providing this excellent opportunity to Nonprofit organizations.

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