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Ways to Support Your Child's Mental Health This Summer.

With summer break here, it's important to remember that some kids welcome the break from school, but it can be difficult for some. Below are some easy ways to support kids' mental health over summer break.

First, create healthy habits. While summer break is filled with sweet summer treats and later nights, it's important to remember our mental health can be affected by our eating habits, physical activity, and sleeping habits. Ensure kids have a balanced diet throughout the summer, limit sugar intake, and drink plenty of water. Swimming can be an excellent way for kids to be active in the summer.

Second, make sure kids get outside and play. Vitamin D from the sun has many health benefits, but being outdoors improves motor skills, social interactions, physical activity, sleep habits, mood regulation, and much more.

Limit screen time. This can be a daunting task, especially on a hot day. But too much screen time has been linked to physical, mental, and social health issues. Also, talk to your kids about internet safety and monitor their use and messages.

Lastly routines. Kids thrive when they know daily expectations. These routines will reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your child. Keeping your kids on these regular routines will help with all the above items. You can set routines for the morning when they wake up, dinner, and bedtime.

These tips above will help your child's mental health this summer and help them easily transition back to school.

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