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Siouxland Mental Health Center values and encourages the feedback of services users and community members about the programs and practices of the organization. Complaints can provide important opportunities for improving service. A complaint may be defined as an expression of dissatisfaction or unmet expectation. A complaint can be made by the service user or community member with support if necessary. The complaint can relate to any aspect of the organization’s programs and services. 

Siouxland Mental Health Center is committed to listening to service user and community member complaints and responding in a fair, timely, and respectful manner. All complaints will be given due consideration without reprisal or discrimination. Language support for non-English speaking service users or community members will be provided.

Siouxland Mental Health Center actively informs service users and community members of their right to register complaints (verbal or written) and seek resolution. Service users or community members who speak languages other than those covered by the latter documents or who have reading difficulties are encouraged to have this policy explained to them by an SMHC staff person. Siouxland Mental Health Center will assist persons with disabilities in registering their complaints and seeking resolution.

All aspects of a complaint will be handled in confidence. However, if the complaint involves allegations of illegal or unethical behavior, information may need to be shared with external authorities.

Complaints deemed a risk to the organization are brought forward to the board of directors by the Chief Executive Officer. Complaints related to the violation of board governance policies are reviewed by the board.

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