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All children in Iowa have access to an integrated system of coordinated services and supports in their communities that they need to successfully reach their optimal potential.



Pediatric Integrated Health Home (PIHH) is a client-centered program that offers supportive services to parents and caregivers of children with Severe Emotional Disturbance to help them manage their child’s health care needs.


PIHH believes that through comprehensive care coordination children can achieve a better quality of care and families can maximize their potential.

PIHH partners with families and includes them as part of a team. Others that are included in your team are a care coordinator, a family support specialist, and a nurse. Each team member has a set of unique skills based on their experiences and education. As a team, they are positioned to assist members with holistic care coordination, health and wellness education, resource direction with and for children with mental health challenges and their families.

This PIHH Program is based on System of Care (SOC) principles, assuring that all services and supports are:

  • Child-centered, family-focused, and family-driven

  • Community-based

  • Culturally competent and responsive

The PIHH program activities are strengths-based and individualized, building on each family’s informal and natural supports while connecting them to available community resources.


Children who are:​

  • Diagnosed with a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder that results in impairment in everyday functioning.

  • A resident of Woodbury County

  • Under 18

  • Receive Medicaid or are Medicaid eligible


  • Access to a nurse

  • Supportive care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Access to a Family Support Specialist

  • Personalized team for coordinated services

  • We advocate for you and your child

  • We partner with primary care and specialty offices to help eliminate barriers for your child and your family

  • We collaborate with the school to assist with your child’s educational needs

  • We work to overcome barriers within and beyond health care systems, such as reimbursement, time limitations, and resources

  • We improve access to mental health service for children, adolescents, and their families


Nurse Care Manager

We have been working with the family of a 10-year-old girl diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and asthma. Our staff have arranged for outpatient and BHIS services and provided peer support for mom. The nurse helped mom and daughter develop an asthma action plan as she was having frequent asthma attacks. A home visit was made to help identify asthma triggers which have led to better medication adherence and control of asthma. The family has avoided emergency room visits.

Care Coordinator 

Our team was able to help a single mother and her four sons transition to a new home after being homeless for almost eight months. They had no furniture or beds, only blankets, and pillows to sleep on the floor. We were able to provide them with resources to start living comfortably again. Now that their basic needs are being met, we can help this family access therapy and other services to address the boys’ mental health needs.

Family Support Specialist

One of our peer support staff attended a court hearing with a mom during which tensions were so high that the mom was in jeopardy of being arrested. The Family Peer Support Specialist was able to take the mom aside and help her understand that her behavior was inappropriate and could result in further complications for her family. Mom was able to return to the courtroom calmly and actively participated in the proceeding.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us 

Jessi Maxwell
IHH & Community Support
Associate Director

Katie Boatman
IHH Team Lead

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