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Therapy services in the school setting are similar to coming to the clinic but address barriers of transportation and educational difficulties exacerbated by absences. It also allows the therapist to work directly with the school environment and the team of professionals on site in each school. This is especially helpful to clients who struggle emotionally and behaviorally in that environment. 

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Although families are not typically present in most sessions, their involvement is expected and is often done through phone contacts or sessions outside of the school day with the child and parents(s).  Students will typically meet with their therapist for a 30-45 minutes session depending on age and classroom schedule.  Session times are coordinated with the school to maximize their time in class.  Therapists in the school will provide not only therapy services in the school setting but also help the family’s resources as needed, connecting them to other agencies and programs that may be useful to them (i.e. BHIS, IHH, Community Support Programs). Most of our school-based therapists are trained in TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).  They all understand and have been trained in Trauma-Informed Care.  


Currently, we provide therapy services in the following Siouxland Community Schools:

  • North High School

  • North Middle School

  • Leeds Elementary School

  • West High School

  • West Middle School

  • Loess Hills Elementary School

  • Morningside Elementary School

  • Irving Elementary School

  • Sergeant Bluff-Luton and the Alternative School. 


We also have a therapist contracted with Juvenile Court Services (JCS) and provides services in any school as needed.  

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