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The philosophy underlying the provision of Community Support Services is that consumers with a chronic mental illness can live in the community with the proper treatment and support; that planned rehabilitation activities can enable these persons to regain or attain higher levels of functioning; and that consumers with chronic mental illness have the right to participate in the planning and provision of needed and desired services.

Community Support


Service Coordination

The consumer is assisted in finding, accessing, and maintaining other services in the community such as medications, nursing, psychiatry, therapy, conservatorship, or payee.

Support and Assistance 

Support, education, and consultation are provided to families of consumers and others in the community who come in frequent contact with the consumer.

Basic Needs

The specialist assists the consumer in meeting the individuals need for food, clothing, shelter, personal safety, income, general medical and dental care.

Soicial Rehabilitation

Focuses on helping the consumer gain or regain the practical skills needed to live and socialize in the community.

Protection and Advocacy

The specialist assists the consumer in upholding the individuals legal and human rights in the community and refers to Legal Services or Iowa Protection and Advocacy.

Crisis Intervention

Each consumer in the program has a crisis assistance plan which lists phone numbers the individual can call for assistance 24 hours each day.

Natural Support System

Various community support groups are available to help consumers integrate into the community.

Mental Health Treatment

Consumers are assisted in accessing both outpatient and inpatient mental health services.


The consumer is assisted in finding decent affordable housing, with assistance in filling out City Housing forms.


Who is Eligible to Receive Community Support Services?

Adult individuals who have a diagnosis of a chronic mental illness and have a documentable need for the services may be eligible.

How are the Services Delivered?

Each consumer has a Community Support Specialist assigned to the individual who facilitates the delivery of services for as long as needed to gain independence and stability in life situations.

How Can I Make a Referral for Services?

Call Sean Finnegan at 712-202- 0173 or email

How are Consumers Made Aware of the Program?

Community Support Specialists educate other agencies in the community about the program in an effort to reach potential consumers.

If you have any questions about Community Support, Contact Us at
(712) 202-0173

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