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Where hope is alive and recovery is possible


The Peer Support Specialist can offer hope, strong friendship, and compassion to individuals and/or groups toward recovery goals from mental health issues.

A trend has emerged in the delivery and funding of mental health services during the last decade toward increased consumer involvement in treatment planning and decision-making. The 2003 President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health emphasized the philosophy of recovery as a person-centered approach focused on education, illness management, personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and empowerment.

Peer Support Services are delivered by Peer Support Specialists who have lived experiences in mental health and are trained in a recovery-based, empowerment model that embraces the strengths of the individual being served to achieve his/her goals.

Peer Support Services are not meant to replace traditional mental health treatment and services but can function as part of the mental health professional team in offering one-to-one support and staffing recovery centers.



  • Serve as advocates for consumers/families and assist with the design and implementation of programs that support consumers/families with mental health issues.

  • Educate mental health providers and co-workers about mental health and recovery, and provide unique insights based on personal experiences. Peer Support Specialists serve as support staff to assist in identifying program environments that are conducive to recovery.

  • Are required to abide by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Regulations and to meet all Confidentiality guidelines. Peer Support Specialists adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and maintain confidentiality.

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