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Making an Impact

This past summer Siouxland Mental Health received the 2021 Tyson Summer Community, Internship Grant through Iowa Campus Compact. For this grant, we are able to hire a college student for 8 weeks to help us in either hunger relief, adult education, and immigrant services. This year we decided to focus our efforts on adult education, specifically with our Spanish-speaking population.

Our intern Andrea worked on translating all of our material to Spanish this summer. Over the last year at Siouxland Mental Health, we have added a number of Bilingual staff, in order to help assist the mental health needs of our Spanish-speaking population. Andrea assisted us in advertising these services in Mundo Latino, as well as helped promote our services at an awareness event for Siouxland Mental Health.

The impact that the Tyson Internship has on Nonprofits in our community is priceless. This allows organizations like ours to promote our services, create new material, gain a different point of view, and network with other area nonprofits.

Thank you, Tyson and Campus Compact for providing this wonderful opportunity to Nonprofit organizations.

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